Friendship needs no words

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This is a photo that just makes my heart smile.

I had flown home to North Carolina to spend a week of summer 2004 with my family. On this day Daddy was out in the front yard building a little brick border around a flower bed, and Mom and I were hanging out with him while he worked. We had Spenser out with us, and he was flitting about sniffing this and inspecting that. I was so fortunate that I had my camera on me for this shot when Spenser made his way over to Daddy and gave him a good long sniff. Dad sniffed back, and I caught their “kiss” forever.

Their friendship was extraordinary.

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  1. Janice, I love your layout, that picture is just priceless!! My dog likes to do that too, nose kisses…I love the card you made your brother, love the blog piece about losing your mojo, I have that happen from time to time, I like to visit sketch blogs to get me going again, the excitement of possibly winning a price gets me in the mood, glad you got your mojo back…:)

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