About The Constant Scrapper

Hi there! It's me.Hi there! I am The Constant Scrapper, or Janice to my friends and family. :-) I have lived in beautiful, hip, happening Austin, Texas, since 2001.

My husband Matt has been my constant companion since we married on October 4, 1997. In fact, we even spend our days together working in our business, VelocityStorm IT, which we started in 2002.

Whenever I get the opportunity to scrapbook, I take it! I was introduced to this hobby in 2003 by a friend who had heard of it and thought I might like it. Since that time my interest has grown quietly into an obsession.

  • I like to scrap alone.
  • I like to scrap with friends.
  • I like to scrap pictures of our every day lives.
  • I like to scrap photos from our families’ pasts.
  • I like to scrap from others’ sketches.
  • I like to create my own sketches.
  • I like to drool over new scrap supplies.
  • I like to dig through my stash and use up my old supplies.
  • I really just like about everything to do with scrapping!

Thanks for joining me here. I hope to give you something worth bookmarking and revisiting.

If you want to email me directly I’m at: janice at theconstantscrapper dot com

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Mike Batiste January 27, 2013 at 9:59 am

I am looking at starting an art related site and peridically search for orher sites for ideas. I stumbled across your site in the process. A few clicks later, I realized “I know that girl!”. Not sure you’ll remember, but I went to ICS with you and Phil. I had to say hi. I hope all is well. Say hi to Dippo for me.


Janice Daquila-Pardo January 28, 2013 at 6:45 pm

Mike Batiste?! Of COURSE I remember you! I even have a layout I made with you in it: http://www.theconstantscrapper.com/school-picnic/. I will email you shortly. I’m very excited that you left this comment. :-)


Mike Batiste January 30, 2013 at 5:32 pm

I looked through some of your artwork- very nice. It’s certainly a better way to preserve memories than the traditional photo album. I like the organized, balanced arrangements. I’d lose the one with the goober (me) in it, though. I hope it’s okay, I printed that one to show my wife. It took her a full minute to realize…


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