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How megapixels translate to photo size

Because photos are so important to scrapbookers, I don’t think you can ever know too much about color correcting, sizing and printing yours. If you have a digital camera and prepare your photos to be printed online, at a brick-and-mortar developer or on your own printer at home, you need to understand how the resolution-to-dimension ratio works.

I have found a short and useful article called How Do I Figure Out How Many MegaPixels Are Necessary for Printing a Photo at a Specific Size? on, and I share it here in the hope that it helps make things clearer for you as it did for me.

Resistance is futile: 10 signs your family is a scrapbooking collective

The Borg: Resistance is futile.You know you’ve fully assimilated your family into your scrapbooking lifestyle when:

  1. Your son correctly uses the word “bling” in a sentence.
  2. Your daughter looks forward to shopping for new clothes to go with the patterned papers the FedEx man just delivered from Two Peas in a Bucket.
  3. Your husband is helping your son build his science fair project and comes to your craft room to borrow your Crop-A-Dile.
  4. Your brother calls to find out what colors his family should wear to the reunion so that it will work well for your scrapbook page.
  5. Your kindergartner’s teacher mentions that your child is the only one who calls the Elmer’s glue “adhesive.”
  6. Your husband looks at you in the middle of a fun family moment and says, “You have to scrap this!”
  7. Your son shows confusion when they mention crop circles in an alien movie.
  8. Your daughter complains that the construction paper at school isn’t acid free.
  9. Your daughter asks to take your Copic markers to school for show and tell.
  10. You and your mom don’t care about the Super Bowl or the Oscars, but you do organize a party at your house to watch the CHA reveals.

How do you know? Leave a comment to add your own. :-)

Go green: Recycling your designs is good for creativity

Once you’ve created a layout would you consider it a crime to reuse that design? Are you a one and done kind of scrapper?

Let me show you why I believe designs should be a reusable resource in your scrap stash.

Just below is a layout I completed a while ago. It’s a portrait of my husband and his siblings when he was in high school. It’s a rather simple design that relies on good old-fashioned color blocking and a few embellishments.


This layout follows a simple color-blocked design.

Now here is another layout of Matt’s family, taken years later. I used the same design as the first; in fact, I didn’t even flip the side on which the photo is situated. Because the photo, patterned papers and embellishments are different the resulting designs really don’t resemble each other that much. In fact, I believe that unless I pointed out to someone looking at the family album that these two layouts share the same structure, they would be very unlikely to see that on their own. Even when held next to each other it’s the differences that take the viewer’s focus.


This layout follows the same color-blocked design but uses different papers and embellishments.

When you find a design you like, I say “reuse, recycle, re-imagine.”

How to use a movie poster as scrapbook inspiration

After seeing the movie “Julie & Julia” in 2009—which intertwines the story of Julia Child’s start in the cooking profession with blogger Julie Powell’s challenge to cook all the recipes in Child’s first book—I received Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” for Christmas. There’s a scene in the movie where Julie Powell has to cook dinner for a special guest and chooses to make Boeuf Bourguignon. Matt and I decided that would be the first dish we would try.

Let me tell you, you don’t just make Boeuf Bourguignon one day after work. This recipe takes several hours and requires some special ingredients that most of us don’t normally keep in our pantries. In our house when we undertake a project like that, we take photos.

My process

Julie & Julia movie posterWhen I was ready to scrap these photos I already knew what I wanted to title my layout. So I decided to look to the movie art for inspiration. First I looked up “Julie & Julia” on IMDB and thought the title treatment on the movie poster was something I could work with. I could cut out the title with my Silhouette, but what were those fonts?

So I searched on “what fonts are used on julie & julia poster?” and the most helpful result I found was on FontFeed. This site identified the two fonts used as Didot for the words Julie/Julia and Bernhard Modern for the ampersand. The problem was that I didn’t have either of those fonts, and I couldn’t find them on any free font sites.

Then I did another search for “fonts similar to Didot” and found, where you can find lists of fonts that are similar to the one you’re looking for. Following this site’s recommendations I found replacement fonts within those that I already owned and I was able to go to town setting up my cut files in the Silhouette Studio software.

I decided to base my color scheme on the movie poster as well. Black and green factor heavily in what makes this poster pop, so I tried to use those colors. I found the perfect paper in my stash that combined the black and green from the poster as well as the red and gold in my photos. From all that came this layout. Bon appetit!


Scrap goodies are so fun to receive I had to share

A few weekends ago, while the CHA Winter 2011 show was going on in Los Angeles, avid craft trend followers were hunting for sneak peaks and videos from the show floor and participating in challenges in the hopes of winning new product before it becomes available in stores.

That’s what I was doing, at least! I found a fun series of challenges being hosted at the always hopping community section of and threw my hat in the ring for a few of them. I was excited to see my name posted as one of the challenge winners and waited eagerly for my little package to arrive. Rather than keep all the fun of getting this package to myself, I thought you might like to see what I received.

Thanks to Two Peas Community + Education Manager Jamie Sorenson for hosting these fun challenges and for sending such great products (and thanks to sponsor Jillibean Soup for providing the prize)! I love them. I’ll be back very soon with a layout using these products.