Wanted: A few good votes

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There are quite a lot of scrapbook sketch sites on the Web, and many of them offer very good sketches to inspire us and challenges to motivate us. But there are a special few that I hold in really high esteem. Creative Scrappers is one of those.

In early May Creative Scrappers put out a call for a new sketch designer for their team, and I just had to try out for it. Well, I’ve just heard from Kristine Davidson, coordinator for the site, that I am one of four finalists! I am so stoked!

Creative Scrappers has decided to turn this into the readers’ choice, so they have set up a poll on their site. Voting is open only until midnight on Wednesday (EST). I will be grateful to you forever if you’ll take 30 seconds to visit the Creative Scrappers blog and vote for me. Be sure to bypass the top poll, which is no longer working (even if it appears to) and use Poll 2.

My sketch samples up for vote on the Creative Scrappers site
When it’s all over, I’ll let you know if I’m on the team. Thank you so much!

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Hi, I'm Janice.
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  1. Oh Wow Congratulations on being a finalist Janice, I will definitely head over and vote for you! You will be a great asset to their team if you are chosen! Good Luck! :)

  2. You have my votes! about 20 times over! ha, had some free time while Z was sleeping, so I kept voting for ya, I really hope you get it, I love your sketches, so very different and unique from any other’s, working with them on SWAT has been so much fun, GOOD LUCK!!

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