This is a one-page, one-photo scrapbook page entitled "Drool" by Janice Daquila-Pardo

I walked in and found our sweet Oliver snoozing in the office, and as I stopped for a moment to take in his beauty and the peaceful feeling you get when you watch someone deep in slumber, I noticed these three little drops of drool on his whiskers. So I assume he was having sweet dreams.

Product/technique notes

Square punches were my friend for this design, which just frames my close-up photo with bursts of color. Most of the patterns came from the Pebbles “Walnut Grove” 6×6 paper pad. I created and cut my title on the Silhouette Cameo and added some hand stitching for a bit of texture.

Queen Klutz


I’m klutzy. It goes beyond klutzy, really. In fact, I have always been so accident prone that my father used to call me Grace…because I had none.

And I’ve realized that this is a trait I’m just not going to outgrow. So I guess I may as well own it. I was recently telling my mom about my latest mishap (a full body slam to the tile floor of our entry way), and she suggested that I really should have kept a diary of my accidents over the years because I find such inventive ways of hurting myself. Yes, she expressed concern for my aches and pains, but in the end it’s a bit of a funny family fact: Jan is creatively clumsy.

    Just a few that come to mind:

  • I once closed my ear in the car door.
  • I smacked my face so hard into our dining room light fixture that I gave myself a black eye and vertigo.
  • I fell all the way down a set of carpeted stairs and bounced into the living room.

So, now you know.

Product/technique notes

I followed this My Scraps & More sketch #102 very closely because I liked it so much. Most of the patterned papers on this are from Little Yellow Bicycle’s “Fern & Forest Girl” 6×6 pad.



Two influences conspired to make me create this page:

  • I am participating in the Paper Issues online crop, and one of the challenges is to alter a cut file with color (adding mists, using patterned paper, etc.).
  • I recently stared dopily at the beauty of this layout by Paige Evans and made a mental note to try it myself. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I had this simple, classic photo of Phil and me dyeing Easter eggs at the kitchen table in 1976. I thought it deserved some special treatment, so I “dyed” my background daisies (water colored them with Tim Holtz distress inks) and then backed that with a colorful (old) patterned paper from K&Co. I also cut the title on the Silhouette and then added a few random tidbits around the photo.

A Sunday in March


I asked Mom if there was any special reason that Dad took this photo of us in March 1969. She told me that it was a Sunday, we had just come home from church and Daddy wanted to capture a shot of his sweet girls. She added, “I also remember that it was too chilly that day for me not to be wearing a sweater!”

Product/technique notes

I created this layout with patterned papers and embellishments from Chickaniddy Crafts’ “Twirly Girl” collection and this sketch from Stuck?! Sketches:

Danger zone


I wanted to do a page about how important it is to me that Matt and I share a similar sense of humor, but how do you sum up a couple’s humor in photos? Why not include a photo from a show we get a lot of laughs out of!

Archer is a bawdy cartoon about an international spy agency where the employees’ best efforts are geared toward undermining and betraying one another. It’s shocking and hilarious (but certainly not for family viewing). It’s just one of many styles of humor that we enjoy, but I thought it would work well for my page because the artwork from the show is so well drawn (and Archer is very good looking). 😉 The title of my layout is Danger Zone because it’s the favorite song of the main character and a frequent joke on the show.

My journaling reads: “Finding a partner with a compatible sense of humor is so important. Life isn’t always easy, and being able to laugh together is essential.”

Product/technique notes

The top of this page is layered with strips of patterned paper to from a sort of awning effect. I cut the title out of the background cardstock and then backed it with a striped yellow pattern so it would show through. The mustache is a cut file from the Silhouette store.