Danger zone


I wanted to do a page about how important it is to me that Matt and I share a similar sense of humor, but how do you sum up a couple’s humor in photos? Why not include a photo from a show we get a lot of laughs out of!

Archer is a bawdy cartoon about an international spy agency where the employees’ best efforts are geared toward undermining and betraying one another. It’s shocking and hilarious (but certainly not for family viewing). It’s just one of many styles of humor that we enjoy, but I thought it would work well for my page because the artwork from the show is so well drawn (and Archer is very good looking). ;-) The title of my layout is Danger Zone because it’s the favorite song of the main character and a frequent joke on the show.

My journaling reads: “Finding a partner with a compatible sense of humor is so important. Life isn’t always easy, and being able to laugh together is essential.”

Product/technique notes

The top of this page is layered with strips of patterned paper to from a sort of awning effect. I cut the title out of the background cardstock and then backed it with a striped yellow pattern so it would show through. The mustache is a cut file from the Silhouette store.

Hello Bradford


In October 1990 I went on a weekend road trip with Mom and Dad through some pretty areas in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and we spent one of the nights in this sweet bed & breakfast in Bradford, PA. This was an amazingly fun trip. We talked and joked over the many miles Dad drove and just soaked up the fall beauty and the time together. There are priceless memories in these photos.

Product/technique notes

All the Crate Paper “Open Book” products I used to create this layout came from the Back Porch Memories February kit (thank you to BPM for allowing me to be a part of their design team through March).

Come in & warm up


Although we hit 69 degrees today in Austin, Texas, and I actually saw redbud trees starting to bloom, I didn’t grow up with such days in February! The winters of my childhood in northeast Ohio were cold and snowy, just as I think most kids would have it, if they had the choice. At least I liked it. In fact, I wouldn’t mind a few days of beautiful snow and blue skies now. But I probably can’t expect those any time soon, so I’ll just scrap photos of a time when I had them and be thankful that I did.

Product/technique notes

All the Authentique “Cozy” products I used to create this layout came from the Back Porch Memories February kit (thank you to BPM for allowing me to be a part of their design team through March), and I followed this Rochelle Spears sketch.
Back Porch Memories sketch by Rochelle Spears

The key to great holiday decorating: The perfect centerpiece


For a three-legged cat, Jake certainly knows how to get where he wants to go. In this case, I guess he wanted to be in the middle of my fall decorations!

He really is the cutest pumpkin ever, isn’t he?

I decided to scrap this photo during the week of Thanksgiving because it reminds me of how thankful we are for our pets. They love to be with us. They’re such good companions. They make us laugh. And they keep us from focusing too much on ourselves.

They’re our babies, and I’m ever so grateful to have them in our lives.

Product/technique notes

Most of the products I used on this were from Echo Park’s “Reflections: Fall” collection, with the addition of a few pieces of paper from way back in the day. That butter-colored pumpkin paper is an oldie from Paper Salon. I followed the inspiration of this November sketch from Stuck Sketches:

Birthday sleepover


We all have certain techniques that especially catch our eye when they’re used on a layout, and for me paper folding is one of them.

I seem unable to pass up a closer look at a page with folds! So to add a little extra dimension and personality to my page I incorporated a faux quilting folding technique into my design. If you want to see more details about creating this look, I have a tutorial in an older post for a layout that uses the same technique.

For my 11th birthday in 1977 Mom and Dad let me have a slumber party with a few friends: Jill Trzaska, Renee Poplik and Margaret Wissman. One of my fun memories from this night is when we performed a song-and-dance routine for my family (bottom photo). We called ourselves “The Oreos” because of the plastic Oreo party favor necklaces we all wore. Pretty clever, eh?

Product/technique notes

The products on this page all came from the November Back Porch Memories kit and are from American Crafts’ “Shimelle” line. I created the title on the Silhouette and designed it to incorporate the record die cut from the kit as the O.