Snoopy came first

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I love, love, love using vintage photos from my mom’s attic. The precious ones on this layout are from the late 1960s, when I was a tiny baby and my brother was still baking in Mom’s oven. 😉 They highlight my parents’ relationship with Snoopy, the beagle they adopted before starting to have us kids. You can tell with certainty that they were ready to be parents, can’t you? I mean, just look at how my dad has him swaddled in two of the photos. Darling much?


Mom and Dad had a darling beagle named Snoopy before they started having children. Can you tell they were ready to be parents?

I created this layout based on this sketch that I found at the Sketch Support site.


You can get this sketch at the Sketch Support site.

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  1. I love that I can tell the photos are vintage — it adds such character. Thanks for sharing!

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