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My brother, Phil, began his love for photography under the influence of our eighth-grade math teacher, Mr. Moore. As is still his style to this day, the eighth-grade Phil did many months of research (the old-fashioned, pre-Web kind of research) before finally purchasing his first SLR camera. He bought a Pentax ME Super from a company that advertised in the back of Popular Photography magazine, and it came with a 50mm lens and leather case for $234.50 (he remembered that detail when I told him I was working on this layout).

All these years later Phil is still in love with photography, and in fact he now uses it in his work as a documentary storyteller. He has always dazzled me with his knowledge of the mechanics behind it, of which I have remained mostly ignorant. Until very recently, I never even used the manual mode on my SLR. But now, because of his influence I am adjusting aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings and rarely leave manual mode! It’s so freeing, and the quality of my photos is fast improving.

The photo on this layout was taken by Phil’s friend and fellow photography enthusiast, Jim Hutchins, while they were out shooting together one fine day in October 2011. Phil still shoots Pentax, only he has upgraded his main camera from the original ME Super to a digital K-5. He also has a medium format film Pentax 645N, which he is carrying in this photo! Back to the old along with the new.


This layout is based on sketch #189 at

I am also entering this layout in the Creative Scrappers challenge for sketch #189.

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  1. I’ve Pinned this because I love it so much!

    • Janice Daquila-Pardo says:

      Lisa-Jane, you have made my day! I’ve never been told before that someone Pinned my layout. Thanks for the lift. :-)

  2. this is great Janice, and I love that sketch too! Love the colors you used in the layout, very pretty and great picture :)

  3. Janice this layout is so eye-catching, I love the patterned paper and the colors. The black framing of your photo and first layer behind it with the couple of strips of patterned paper going across the page really make the photo pop, and I love the circles and stars as your finishing touches. Very Classy!

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