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I have never bought into friggatriskaidekaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th. But for about two months now I believe I’ve been suffering from scrapatriskaidekaphobia!

Back in October I was on fire with my crafting. I was inspired and driven to be creative and then to blog about it. I blogged every day during October. Then in November I decided to give myself a little well-earned break. I slowed down my output (both crafting and blogging) a little. And then the holidays hit, and I did even less. I was involved in all the lovely Christmas activities that fill our free time in December and didn’t make much time for scrapping.

The thing is that in December I missed scrapping, but I didn’t fret about not doing it because I love Christmas time and all the extra to-do items that take the place of regular life. I knew I could get right back to it after enjoying the holidays. But after celebrating Christmas and the new year, my desire to scrap didn’t return. I hadn’t been in a scrapbook store since before Thanksgiving, and I had no interest in going into one. I looked at the door of my craft room with dread. I was starting to fear that it wouldn’t come back!

My poor blog sat neglected, and I was crestfallen about losing my mojo. I couldn’t seem to do anything about it, either. I tried going to my usual sources of inspiration…but nothing.

But today, on a day that many believe is so unlucky, I had a breakthrough! It was my brother’s doing, actually. It’s his birthday on Sunday, and even though his card is going to arrive late, I couldn’t let Phil celebrate his birthday without a homemade card from me. I just couldn’t. So I forced myself to go into my craft room, and I made this card. I’ve gotta tell you, it felt good!


I have created this card for my brother's birthday and am entering it into the Young Crafters Unite clean & simple challenge.

And here’s a close-up shot to better show the holographic paper I put behind the star cut-out.


I used some holographic paper that I've had in my stash forever. I thought tucking it behind the star cut-out would really make it pop,

I’m back, baby! Happy Friday the 13th to me!

I’m also entering my card into the Young Crafters Unite challenge #5 (clean and simple cards).
Young Crafters Unite! clean & simple challenge

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  1. Janice, I think we all have had times we have felt the need to take a break from crafting and not sure if we will return to it…I am sure the break was well needed and once you are back in the swing of things you will have an even greater desire and passion to create and do what you do. I am also sure your Brother will love his beautiful birthday card, particularly when it is featuring Tangerine Tango after your recent joint expedition to discover all things orange.

    • Janice Daquila-Pardo says:

      Danie, you are so kind. I sure wish we didn’t have to go through creative slumps like I’ve been in, but I like to think that when we push through them we appreciate our hobbies/passions even more. And you are so thoughtful to notice that I made Phil’s card in Tangerine Tango. That was no accident, and you should win a prize for being so astute! Thanks so much for your comment. :-)

  2. Such a fun card! Thank you so much for joining our Young Crafters Unite challenge =)

  3. Hey, i got my card in today’s mail. If you can believe it, I came to this blog post after seeing my card in person. Just a hunch that I should get over here to see if you wrote about it. As usual, an awesome write-up, even if the gap between posts was a bit longer than you liked. Gorgeous card. Even better than the photos. And those are nice photos. Hope you win the YCU challenge, Jani. Thanks.

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