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This photo of us in 2010 was taken right after we had completed the Scare for a Cure haunted adventure. So fun!

I’m not really one for scary movies. I just don’t like the tension of waiting for the next startling moment so I can jump back in my seat and shriek. And I really don’t like the movies that are about the truly horrifying things that humans can do to each other. (Shiver)

So when I won two free tickets to an interactive haunted house back in 2010, I felt dubious about my “prize.” But I couldn’t help myself from winning that contest. Matt and I were attending a “Sean of the Dead” quote-along event at the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater, and the night started with a little contest. The first person to raise his/her hand once the question was asked would have the first chance to answer the question. And the question was about “Sean of the Dead,” which I happen to know quite well, having seen it several times . As soon as the guy up on stage started asking the question, I knew the answer, and my arm shot into the air unbidden by my conscious brain.

Emcee: What nickname (my hand shoots up) does Sean’s mother call him?
Me: Pickle
Emcee: You’ve won two red-level tickets (the scarier version) to the Scare for a Cure interactive multimedia haunted adventure!
Me: Yay?

But we had such a blast! We got chased and spooked and covered in blood and gore. And we laughed the entire time. So we’ve purchased tickets each year since (they put on a completely new adventure each year). In fact, we’re going with some friends tomorrow night, and I can’t wait.

Product/technique notes

I cut several pieces from the Carta Bella “All Hallow’s Eve” collection and layered them to create the subtle feel of a mummy’s wraps. Then I cut a mummy (Design ID #33022 from the Silhouette store) in three layers on the Silhouette Cameo and spritzed each with different shades of mist to create depth and difference.

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  1. Awesome page! I dont like being scared either and you are very brave going to the haunted adventure. Disney haunted mansion is as scary as i get lol!

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