You may have the universe if I may have Italy

My paternal grandmother was a first-generation American born to Italian parents, and my grandfather (her second husband) was born in Italy. So it was a very big deal when, in August 1967, they took a long-awaited trip to Italy together. They saw … [Continue reading]

A perfect autumn day

In Austin, Texas, there are often whole autumn seasons that are rather colorless. We don't have a lot of the types of trees that change color in a bold way. Add to that the fact that many of our summers are too dry to offer the right conditions for … [Continue reading]

Blogtoberfest sketch contest winner

  Laurie submitted this beautiful Homecoming page to the contest, and what a winner it is. I will be sending Laurie this bundle of Christmas goodies. :-)   Thank you for joining me for my Blogtoberfest celebration throughout the … [Continue reading]

Halloween masquerade

The whole family worked together to deck out the yard and the basement with a spooky motif; we pulled out all the stops. Daddy even climbed up into the maple tree in our front yard so he could scare our guests as they arrived. Thinking of that makes … [Continue reading]

Student of the month

Mom says I arrived home from first grade on this day in 1974, and with a gleeful smile demanded, "Guess who you're talking to." She played along and asked. So I flung open my coat to reveal the badge pinned to my dress and proudly stated, "The … [Continue reading]