Using stitching on a layout as more than just decoration

Stitching on scrapbook pages is used all the time—I use it all the time—to accent and decorate. It's a beautiful way to highlight a portion of your design and makes a page more special. But it needn't always be relegated to the embellishment category … [Continue reading]

Altering my family chili recipe for our vegetarian lifestyle

As today is World Vegetarian Day, the kickoff to Vegetarian Awareness Month, I created a layout to celebrate one of my family's favorite meat-centric recipes that I have changed to accommodate our vegetarian diet. When I made my mom's chili for my … [Continue reading]

On a journey of selfie discovery

It's always so fun to share something you love with someone you love. While visiting Mom and Phil in NC this summer, I took Phil to a matinee showing of "Guardians of the Galaxy" because I knew he was unlikely to go on his own but would really enjoy … [Continue reading]

Our shared graduation party

My younger brother and I went to school together. And by that I mean that we started first grade on the same day in 1973 and graduated high school on the same day in 1985. In fact, we started and graduated college on the same days as well, but that's … [Continue reading]

10 things I love about you

On September 11, 2007, my mother-in-law lost her fight with ALS. As a tribute to her I've created this page that features a photo of her in July of that year and a list of 10 things I loved about her: Her fierce dedication to those she … [Continue reading]