Giveaway winners and guest design beginnings

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Celebrate Blogtoberfest with me all month!

Blogtoberfest Day 31

On this final day of my Blogtoberfest celebration, I have some exciting things to share. First is the announcement of my two Blogtoberfest Anniversary Giveaway winners. I used the random number generator to arrive at the winning comments. I’m sending the lucky winners listed below an email about this; please respond with your home address so I can mail off your prizes. I really hope you enjoy them! And thank you to everyone who played along by leaving a comment. :-) I enjoyed reading about your plans for costumes this Halloween.

Forever Fall giveaway

The Forever Fall giveaway package goes to…Tiffany M.!
“I will not be dressing up for Halloween. It is enough for me to dress my two kids and to take them out for trick or treating. They are always great photo subjects. :-)”

Forever Fall giveaway

The Forever Fall giveaway package goes to...Tiffany M.!

Autumn Splendor giveaway

And the Autumn Splendor giveaway goes to…Chari!
“Happy Blogoversary!! I don’t think I will be dressing up this year, we don’t have any plans. But then again, we didn’t have any plans last year either and we all dressed up and went to the Piano Bar at the Grove Park Inn and my husband won the costume contest so who knows what this year may have in store for us!”

Autumn Splendor giveaway

The Autumn Splendor giveaway goes to...Chari!

Guest designing at Sketch Support

I have actually been waiting all year for November to arrive! Yes, I adore autumn. And oh, how I love Thanksgiving. I even love that November brings my birthday with it. But the real reason for my excitement this November is that I am the guest designer on the Sketch Support site!

Sketch Support blog

I love the sketches at Sketch Support as well as the help and inspiration they provide on their site. Please join me this month over at their blog, as we reveal new sketches and designs for a card, a two-page layout, a one-page layout and an add-on design. :-)

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