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Something wicked this way comes

Matt has taught me to be an animal rescuer. He grew up in a family that over the years rescued at least one of just about every type of animal that was loaded onto Noah’s ark. So I’ve become quite sensitized to noticing wildlife in need or in danger, and I kick into action quickly.

The other night I went out late to take a few photos of the beautiful full moon. As I was setting up my shot I perceived something in my peripheral vision that startled me. We live on a rather busy street in suburbia, so it was a huge surprise to see a tarantula crossing the street toward me!

I ran into the house and screamed, “There’s a tarantula crossing the street right out front!”

It took a few seconds for what I said to register with Matt, but then he ran out the door while I ran in to find an empty jar to catch him* with. When I returned Matt was “escorting” him to safety before more cars came by. We caught him with the jar and put him in a small terrarium we have from a time when we used to keep Emperor scorpions several years ago (a gift from one of Matt’s employees, no less).

The next day we drove our new friend at least 10 miles out of town, deep down a nice unpopulated country road. We found a perfect spot and tipped him out of the terrarium and into his new neighborhood.

So, maybe he wasn’t really wicked at all, but his timing was certainly impeccable!

*In point of fact, we never determined the sex of our tarantula friend. We decided to respect “his” privacy.

Something wicked this way comes

Wicked or wicked cool?

Been a long time coming here to meet you—a long time, on a crooked road.

Sweet baby

Baby Janice Lee

This has been a long time coming, really. I have wanted to blog—and have been encouraged by family and friends to start a scrapbooking blog—for a few years. In fact, I have owned theconstantscrapper domain since not long after The Constant Gardener came out. Though I didn’t much care for the movie, I did like the idea of showing constancy to a passion.

And while I loved the idea of blogging, I worried about putting myself out there that way. I am a seasoned veteran of online lurking. Oh, I’m really good at “lurning” from others’ writing and artwork. But how to find a way to add value to the online scrapbooking community? Not an easy task, considering all the inspiration-, tutorial- and contest-rich blogs out there already. But I think I’m finally ready for the challenge.

Here’s a little information about me. My name is Janice. I’m originally from Willoughby, Ohio, a bedroom community to Cleveland and a sweet place in which to grow up. I was raised lovingly and in a wonderful home by my dear parents, Tom and Sandy Daquila. We lost my beloved father to lung cancer in 2004, and my beautiful and brave mother—who is a savant when it comes to children and teaching them—continues to substitute teach in Chapel Hill at the age of 70.

My only sibling (but with the value of several) is Phillip, my younger brother by 13 months. He has always been my best friend. We started first grade at the same time and have shared many of the same interests ever since (although he doesn’t scrapbook … sadly). Phil teaches media writing and web publishing courses at the beautiful Elon University in North Carolina as well as produces documentary videos for Success Story Videos.

I live with my husband, Matt, and our pets in Austin, Texas. We have owned a business together since 2002. Called VelocityStorm IT, it provides technical support to local small businesses (5-50 computers and at least one server). I met Matt while working at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and we married in October 1997. He completes me … really. But you’ll learn more about him through the scrapbook pages I share here.

As soon as I found scrapbooking in 2003, I dived in. It includes everything I enjoy! I mean, who can resist an activity that involves storytelling, photography, creativity and pretty, pretty products? I want to use this blog to share my layouts, wax poetic about creativity in general, provide useful resources as I find them and present occasional challenges and freebies. I’m happy that you found my blog and really look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know what you think (but be gentle!).

Adult Janice Lee

Adult Janice Lee

By the way, that quote in my title is from my husband’s favorite film, Joe Versus the Volcano. It’s a darling movie, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, that’s just full of symbolism and deals with learning to live life fully. I highly recommend it, even though the critics don’t!